The initiative’s main aim is to encourage people in the community to speak Gaelic and to increase the number of people who speak the language.  The initiative supports all schools in the area, particularly the 3 main schools – Sgoil a’ Bhac, Sgoil an Rubha and The Nicolson Institute, to provide the youth with opportunities where they can take part in different activities through Gaelic.  One full-time officer works in the area and works alongside groups such as LHYCA (Lewis & Harris Youth Club Association), Fèisean nan Gàidheal and Sgioba na Gàidhlig to provide these opportunities for the youth. Comhairle nan Eilean Siar continue to provide support for the Early Years.

CeumThe initiative prioritises youth work, although there are also opportunities for conversation and Gaelic classes for parents and people in the community.  Ùlpan classes are also running very successfully and the numbers attending these classes continue to rise each year.  There are several projects and clubs running for the young people such as baking classes, tuition in musical instruments & Gaelic song, a fèis programme which runs during summertime, and opportunities to learn media skills and even create Gaelic Radio programmes.