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Gleann UigeIomairt Ghàidhlig Loch Abair is a parternship between community and Gaelic organisations with the aim of increasing the numbers of Gaelic speakers in Lochaber as well as increasing opportunities to use Gaelic. There is a local Steering Group with representation from throughout Lochaber and individuals committed to supporting and developing Gaelic are always welcome to get involved. We welcome anyone with an interest in Gaelic.

The Iomairt places priority on early years, Gaelic education and opportunities for young people. Gaelic classes and other learner's activities are also important with the numbers learning Gaelic increasing. The following list illustrates the main areas of Iomairt activity. 

Parental Advisory Scheme This project supports parents to be ambassadors for Gaelic education. This happens through meeting other parents at early years groups and local events and providing information and encouragement towards Gaelic education. 

Early Years - There are 0-3 groups in various parts of Lochaber as well as Gaelic nurseries.  The Iomairt supports these groups and encourages parents to take advantage of the opportunities in their own area.  

Gaelic Education - Three primary schools currently offer Gaelic medium Education in Lochaber - Fort William RC Primary, Acharacle and Mallaig. Work will commence on Fort William Gaelic School soon which will be one of the biggest developments for Gaelic in Lochaber in many years. The Iomairt also has a close working relationship with secondary schools and their Gaelic teachers and we offer Gaelic activities to some pupils.  

Youth People - The local fèisean are very strong and well supported through Fèisean nan Gàidheal. CnaG offers the John Muir Award in Lochaber over a six month period and we also support the local Sradagan groups.  There are also various youth events which are open to young people from Lochaber.  

Adult Learning - In partnership with Highland Council, CnaG delivers and supports some of the local Ùlpan classes. Additionally there are also informal conversation opportunities particularly in the Fort William area.  

Main activity areas of the Iomairt partners

Comunn na Gàidhlig - General coordination, promotion of Gaelic education, young people, early years

Highland Council - Education, early years, adult learning

Fèisean nan Gàidheal - Fèisean, arts

Bòrd na Gàidhlig - Early years


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