Tha main aim of the iomairt is to give people the opportunity to use more Gaelic in the community. We organise lots of different projects to meet this aim. There is one part-time officer working for the iomairt and the officer works in partnership with other officers in the area. Working with youth is the main priority of all the officers. 

Youth are a priority in this area and especially giving them the opportunity to use Gaelic out with school, this was evident from the research that was done is the area when the Iomairt was set-up. 

Th Iomairt has been involved with many projects for youth ages from 3-18 in the area all through the year. 


There are many events organised throughout the year for the youth, especially after school hours and during the school holidays.

Gaelic Medium Education

The Iomairt supports in any way it can, especially encouraging parents to put their children through Gaelic medium education.