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A new Chairman has taken the helm at Comunn na Gàidhlig (CnaG) – one of the leading Gaelic development agencies – to help guide its activities in the months ahead.

At the company’s AGM Councillor Hamish Fraser was appointed to the post, taking over from fellow Skye-man Donald MacDonald who had been Chairman for 4 years.

Mr Fraser, who represents The Highland Council on the CnaG Board, is a Councillor for the Skye ward, and has also been Chairman of the authority’s Gaelic Committee for the last four years.

Mr Fraser said: “I’m very pleased to take on this role, and I hope I can contribute to CnaG’s work in the months ahead. I am very encouraged by the work CnaG carries out among communities and young people in different areas. The Board, and CnaG’s staff, want to see that work expanded in future and that we can contribute more to the Gaelic development effort.

“I must also pay special tribute to Donald MacDonald who has been such an effective Chairman for CnaG over the last few years. He put a considerable effort into guiding the company’s activities, and to a significant extent it’s because of his work that CnaG is in the healthy position it is now.”

At this time Comunn na Gàidhlig is a contractor, delivering two key Gaelic development contracts - on behalf of Bòrd na Gàidhlig (the Scottish Government’s Gaelic development agency) and Highlands and Islands Enterprise. The HIE contract includes development support for communities, community groups and local businesses – offering both financial support and guidance. The Bòrd na Gàidhlig contract includes the ‘Iomairtean Gàidhlig’ (Gaelic community Initiatives) and support for youth work such as the ‘Sradagan’ youth clubs and youth camps. Those present at the CnaG AGM heard how both contracts are being successfully delivered at this stage.

CnaG Chief Executive, Donald MacNeill said: “In the past year we’ve seen the benefits of the recent company restructuring become more apparent. With new working principles and practices we are working more effectively. To a great extent though, that’s not important in itself, simply that it offers us greater opportunity to extend our development activity.”


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