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For the first time, a Gaelic pub quiz is to be broadcast live on the internet, with Glasgow leading the way.

The quiz, which has been held in Glasgow’s Park Bar each month for over a year now, will be transmitted on the ‘Glasgow Gaelic’ website tomorrow (Wednesday 21st September).

The quiz was started by ‘Iomairt Ghàidhlig Ghlaschu’ (The Glasgow Gaelic Initiative) last May and is run in partnership with the ‘Glasgow Gaelic Meetup’ group. It’s now grown to involve 30 or 40 people each month, with 7 or 8 teams competing against each other – with the whole event being conducted in Gaelic.

Coinneach Combe, Development Officer at Comunn na Gàidhlig, manages the quiz on behalf of the ‘Iomairt’ and he says they hadn’t initially expected it to be so successful: “In the first instance, we were simply looking to provide another new and slightly unusual opportunity for Glasgow’s Gaels to come together and use their Gaelic, but there’s no doubt it’s caught on.

“The quiz is carried out entirely in Gaelic, and we usually have a mixture of fluent speakers and learners. We try and move folk around so that each team has roughly the same language skills, and that success doesn’t depend on how good their Gaelic is.

“Maybe part of what’s attractive about it is that it’s so informal, and such a different way to use their Gaelic and that isn’t dependant on music or singing – although sometimes there is a bit of that after the quiz is over!”

The Gaelic pub-quiz has been so successful that the Park Bar now pays a fee to the ‘Iomairt’ and the ‘meetup’ group. This has allowed the ‘Iomairt’ to buy PA equipment to help run the quiz, and this week, to broadcast on the internet.

Coinneach Combe said: “This is Social Media Week and we thought this would be a good way to get Gaelic involved.

“Perhaps it will raise more awareness, and might even encourage others to try the same thing in their area. We would be happy to help them get started.”

The quiz can be heard via the website, starting at 8pm on Wednesday 21st September.


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