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Sixteen teams from Secondary Schools throughout Scotland will be participating in this year's BT Gaelic Schools Debate, which opens with the first two rounds in Stornoway's An Lanntair on Tuesday 7 November at 2.00 pm.

For the eighth successive year, BT Scotland are sponsoring the Debate with a £15,000 award.

Brendan Dick, national manager, BT Scotland, said: "BT Scotland is pleased to once again support the National Gaelic Schools Debate and encourage young people to speak the language. The debate aligns perfectly with BT’s education programme, the largest of its kind in the UK, because it focuses on communication skills. BT believes the ability to communicate well lies at the heart of being a successful student, and that applies whether you speak Gaelic or English or any other language.

“Communication is the key enabling skill of life and BT is determined to ensure that young people in Scotland can develop their speaking and listening skills and have the best possible start in life.”

Chairman of the Organising Committee, Donald Martin of CnaG said; "We are very pleased to receive the continuing support of BT Scotland for this popular event. Over the years, it has attracted interest from the majority of Secondary Schools in Scotland with Gaelic speaking pupils. The climax of the Debate will again be fought out in Scottish Parliament where the Final round will be held on Tuesday 28 November, the night after the semi-final round which takes place in the newly opened Gaelic School in Glasgow. The topics for debate this year include

Parents should be able to choose the gender of their children;
Sports and Arts should not be mandatory for pupils;
We should regard England as our neighbour and not our enemy; and
Only the most glamorous should appear on television.

This should make for the usual entertaining and informative sessions enjoyed by participants, judges and listeners. Anyone interested in coming along will be guaranteed a good time."


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